And What About ADA Signs?

Choosing ADA Signs Need Not Be A Daunting Task

ADA signs can be attractive as well as functional.

In a world with lots of rules and regulations to keep ahead of, Sign Clemente makes it easy to stay in compliance with ADA signs.

If anything, the regulatory environment is getting more stringent, not less. So it is important to remember ADA signs for office and plant. Rule of thumb: where ever you have rooms that are commonly accessed, you should have an ADA-compliant sign. Such rooms would typically be entry ways, restrooms, lunch or break rooms, meeting rooms and so on. ADA signs in stairwells, especially marking escape routes, are especially important when considering ADA signs.

Regulations and ADA Signs

The list of rules for ADA signs can be daunting. Height of sign placement, letter size, letter style, Braille or Braille II, colors—all these factors are important for ADA signs. Sign Clemente is here to help with all that. The primary factor is how the message is communicated. Tactile letters are the raised letters you see on ADA signs. They are typically 1/16” deep and serve the purpose of communicating to the reading public and to those who are sight impaired. Braille is used for those who are totally without sight and most often used for publically accessed rooms

Some Choices With ADA Signs

ADA signs don’t necessarily need to be expensive as lots of common ADA signs are off the shelf. But more importantly, they don’t need to be boring either. A great deal of design can go into ADA signs and they can be manufactured to be quite attractive.

A Good Background Article on ADA Signs

The American Disabilities Act helped level the playing field for the disabled Businesses should attention and often are required to attention relative to meeting the needs of the disabled ADA signs offer a degree of compliance in this …

Publish Date: 10/08/2010 11:45

And just to show that there are lots of design options with ADA Signs, check this out: announces Eco-Boo™ Signs, a full product line of

Eco-Boo™ signs are made of bamboo, a fast-growing, renewable and recyclable product, instead of oil-based non-recyclable plastics. There is no reason to buy ugly plastic earth-hurting ADA signs any longer! Eco-Boo™ ADA compliant Braille …

Publish Date: 10/02/2010 18:53

Here is some good background on the Americans with Disabilities Act:

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