Corporate Image in Your Lobby

Lobby Signs and Your Corporate Image

Building signs and monument signs provide that all-important first impression, but lobby signs help cement your corporate image in your customers’ mind. (see our other blogs on the subject.) Unlike other kinds of signs, your lobby surrounds your prospective customer and provides a 360 degree setting for really setting up a positive look and feel for your corporate image.

One of our customers, Livetime, really wanted to make sure that their lobby signs established their look and feel. As you see in the picture, they went with beveled acrylic for their first sign, but then decorated their walk way with lobby signs using their brochures. The look with lobby signs turned out to be stunning. These lobby signs will never fail to make a strong and positive impression!

When are Lobby Signs not Lobby Signs? (when they go in a conference room)

Another customer, after buying four lobby signs from Sign Clemente, decided that they wanted to project their corporate values and attributes to their customers and employees. We designed three signs for their conference room, a place where employees and customers would have a chance to gaze on their message. The signs are made of acrylic– we like to use clear acrylic and apply the paint to the backs to give a high-gloss and deep finish. The letters of the lobby signs are also acrylic and painted metallic silver.

What’s With These Lobby Signs?

One of our favorites is from Milan Institute of Cosmetology. We have installed well over a half-dozen lobby signs around the west as they add new campus locations. The humorous part of this pic is the student hairdo in the foreground! These signs are 1″ thick clear acrylic with polished aluminum laminated to the faces. The ‘L’ depicts a hair shaft, and we back painted that letter. Their lobby signs really come off and greet lots of prospective students each day.

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And that’s it for lobby signs; keep checking back with us and thanks for all your great and encouraging comments!!

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