How is a Building Sign Like a Shave and a Haircut?

First Impressions with Building Signs

Almost by instinct, we all primp in the morning and want to look out best when we are out in public. The reason is because we want to make good first impressions. Building signs provide your first impression for hundreds of pairs of eyes that drive by your company location.

Decisions, Decisions and Building Signs

There are lots of different kinds of building signs. Way back when, lots of building signs were painted on. But with the advent of computer-assisted manufacturing, building signs have become more dimensional, and more interesting.

The first thing Sign Clemente always asks when discussing building signs with customers, is will the building signs be lighted or unlighted?

To Light or Not Light Those Building Signs

Acrylic on foam, with a creative touch to the start.

Unlighted building signs are the more simple. The most common non-lighted building sign is 2 lb. foam with an acrylic face. No one from the ground can see what the letters are made of, so foam offers a long-lasting and economical way to have some great looking building signs. Sign Clemente likes to put a stucco finish on the sides to deter birds who often like to peck.

An even more beautiful option is formed metal letters. We go with aluminum which is light, durable and most important, rust

Formed aluminum enameled letters.

free. Enamel sets up beautifully on these building signs and looks terrific.

In the way of lighted building signs, neon and LED lighting are the two big options. Sign Clemente almost never installs neon building signs these days, although we have installed lots of neon signs all over Orange County.

LEDs and Building Signs

Straight channel letters with acrylic faces. Lots of colors from which to choose.

LED has come down in price drastically, and is so much more economical in terms of power savings and ease installing; it is barely worth going with neon in your building signs. LED’s last hundreds of thousands of hours, and if one or two LEDs go out in your building signs, it is not noticeable because all the other LEDs stay lit. Often if one section of neon goes out, most or all go out.

Halo lighting-- otherwise known as reverse channel letters.

Your other options with lit building signs is which direction you point your lighting. Reverse channel, otherwise known as halo, lighting has become very popular with building signs. Here the light shines out the back of the letter (hence “reverse channel”) and surrounds your letter with a bath of light. It’s a striking look. Straight channel letters as building signs are letters that shine through acrylic faces with many colors available. And there is a third option with lighted building signs, and that is you can do both!

So there is a choice for every budget and architectural requirement when it comes to building signs. What should drive your decision is the look you are after, your budget and the requirements of your property’s sign plan. Be sure to contact Sign Clemente and we can help you every step of the way with all your signs, including of course, building signs.

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And remember, we are never satisfied with your building signs until you are delighted!

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