Lobby Signs: More Credibility and Less Selling?

Livetime goes with beveled and flame-polished acrylic. Digital prints in the background enhange their already impressive image.

Lobby Signs? More than one of our customers have told us that their lobby signs have enabled them to do less selling. What do lobby signs have to do with less selling? Well, they tell us that their lobby signs gave them more credibility. In one case, a graphic artist had to spend less time walking his prospect through his portfolio. In another case, a business coach had to spend less time building credibility with his prospective client.

They attribute that to their lobby signs. What they all tell us is that lobby signs convey their image- it sends an impression to the prospect that says they are here to stay.

Lobby Signs as First Impression Marketing

Painted PVC provides a matte finish. A second back-panel frames the entire sign and really sets it off.

We at Sign Clemente look at lobby signs as first impression marketing. Imagine that you are thinking of hiring a company to do some important work for you. You show up at their company location and what you see is a broken-down building, lots of weeds, and an old beat up sign. What would you do? You would turn around and leave.

But imagine the reverse. You walk into a nicely furnished lobby and you see one or two beautiful lobby signs representing the company’s logo in 3-D. In most cases, any doubts you might have had would start to melt away. Lobby signs say that you pay attention to detail, that you invest in yourself, that you have a sense of permanence. Lobby signs are like nice clothes for your business.

Lots of Choices for Lobby Signs

There are many ways to go with lobby signs, using varieties of materials and finishes. Most customers really like the look of acrylic for their lobby signs. Then again, matte finishes are becoming more popular over gloss, and PVC definitely provides a more subtle look for those lobby signs. Aluminum will also cut the gloss, definitely if one goes with brushed aluminum; you’ll get more of a semi-gloss if those lobby signs are painted with enamel. A great way to give lobby signs more dimension is to stud mount the letters and logo of the lobby signs and peg those elements off the wall with stand offs, usually about one-half inch.

If you have a rather plain wall, a colored back panel adds a nice touch. You can also go with a two-layered back panel to frame your entire lobby signs.

There are definitely lots of ways to go with your lobby signs. Let Sign Clemente help you out. The good news is, no matter which way you go with Sign Clemente, you will always get a great -looking and eye-catching lobby signs.

This lobby sign is made of enamel-coated aluminum. It is pegged off the wall with half-inch stand offs.

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