Make Monument Signs Your Landmark

Monument Signs 101

Monument signs, unlike other types of signs, stand on their own. The monument is designed for one purpose, and that is to present the sign. Other types of signs go on walls or use some other type of architectural structure to support them. Monuments signs are stand-alone. You can provide all kinds of design elements to enhance the look of your monument signs, and everything about them points to your message.

The message for monument signs can mark a shopping or office center, with a list of tenants. Otherwise, lots of businesses add monument signs to their wall signs to further enhance their company image. The monument sits closer to the road, so it is often the monument sign you see first.

What’s This About Foam Monument Signs?

A foam monument with flat-cut aluminum letters and landscape lighting.

Sign Clemente likes to make several types of monument signs—our favorite being foam monument signs. Foam? Yes, bead foam, like what a Styrofoam cooler is made of, makes great monument signs. We provide a surprising demonstration where we let customers hit the material with a hammer. The styro never fails to spring back into shape. (see the video below) Foam monuments are economical, especially compared to concrete, are easy to install, and last and look great for years. The material has an epoxy coat and then is finished with acrylic stucco. Foam monument signs can then be enhanced with landscape lighting which up lights the sign at night.

Cabinet Monument Signs

An internally-lit cabinet sign with removable acrylic panels. We added brick work to enhance the aesthetics.

If it is internal lighting you want, monument signs made of aluminum cabinets can do the job. The cabinets have tracks which allow for removable panels which enable you to change the names of tenants on your monument signs. Lighting is ordinarily provided by commercial-grade florescent tubes, which are long-lasting and provide low power consumption and high nighttime visibility on your monument signs.

You often see sand blasted wood signs too. Each panel is removable for new tenants, and makes for a unique presentation of your monument signs. Lighting can really enhance your monument signs presentation either from landscape lights, or direct lighting on the top of the sign.

Monument signs can really be beautified by adding stone work and flowers. Monument signs can really make a powerful and attractive statement, advertising your tenants, your center and your company image.

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And if you don’t believe us about hammering that foam, check out the video!!!

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