What is Your Most Important Resource?

Building Signs and the Air We Breathe

Two-layer acrylic on foam in Irvine

What? Back in my corporate days, a CEO would often make drafty speeches and include that the company’s employees were its most important resource. This never failed to make us all feel good, but the clear fact is that the statement is wrong. Employees are not a company’s most important resource—although critical—customers are. Without customers, employees are irrelevant. And so are building signs.

So Why Building Signs?

So what does this have to do with building signs? Well, with customers being so important, making that great first, second and third impression is equally important. Building Signs are your company’s all-important suit and a haircut. Simply stated, building signs can make you look good. And that is where Sign Clemente comes in.

Building signs show off your brand, your image and make you easy to find. Study after study demonstrates that building signs are the best marketing investment you can make (See Signs You Can’t Afford). Building signs will pull in more revenue, and cost much less per exposure than print media, radio or T.V.

What Kind of Building Signs?

There are two primaries ways to go when planning your building signs: lighted building signs, and unlighted building signs. Unlighted bulding signs are normally made of bead foam, like your Styrofoam cooler. We make them about 2” or 3” thick to provide some dimension and add an acrylic enameled face to preserve color. Birds often like to peck at bead foam, so we like adding a stucco-like finish to deter them from your building signs.

Lighted signs are aluminum formed letters, often called channel

Channel letters in San Clemente

letters. Sheet metal was the popular metal for these building signs, but we switched to aluminum years ago to prevent rust. We recently switched from using neon to LED lit buildings signs. LEDs have come down in price and now are about the same cost as neon, especially when the cost of installation—LED powered channel letters are much easier to install—is factored in. Further, LEDs consume much less power. Using channel letters for your building signs will turn your building into a landmark!

Which ever way you are considering for your building signs, Sign Clemente can help provide all the information you need, create an eye-catching design, and make great-looking building signs a reality.

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Publish Date: 11/14/2010 16:12

Check back for more blogs. And that’s it for building signs!

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