Whimsical Signs in San Clemente

Sign Clemente has been making signs in San Clemente for nearly seven years now. That time has enabled us to make some unusual and creative signs in San Clemente.

A Little More Color in Signs in San Clemente

Being a beach community, San Clemente taste seems to run to less corporate and more colorful signs in San Clemente. Graphics tend to be more upbeat, more creative and more cheerful. That is why we love signs in San Clemente!

One example is the Bartlett Building on the corner of El Camino and Del Mar. The new owner put down a considerable investment in restoring the building. Therefore the signs needed to be complimentary to the 30’s Art Deco style of the building. The signs in San Clemente had to be creative. For the directional signs, we put down a patina and used a 30’s style font. For the building sign, we sandblasted cedar, and hand –painted the graphics. The result was a set of truly appealing and unique signs in San Clemente.

More Signs in San Clemente

Our other signs in San Clemente have often been produced by putting down digital prints on foam panels. Then we cut other pieces of foam to emphasize certain parts of the sign. Take a look at Beach Kids. The hands seemed particularly dominant to us, so we hand cut the fingers and hands to add dimension. The visual effect created a bright, inviting sign among signs in San Clemente.

One of Our Early Signs in San Clemente

Paws Pet Resort was the result of the same approach to signs in San Clemente. We built up the letters to give the name some pop. Both signs in San Clemente provide a sense of whimsy.

Pet Treasure was one of our early efforts and it still shines on Los Mares. It is constructed like a standard lighted cabinet, but that is the only thing about it that is standardbecause we made it shaped like a dog bone. It too is one of our more interesting and fun signs in San Clemente.

Want something a little more interesting than the usual signs in San Clemente? Then give us a call and see what Sign Clemente can do for you! Care to see more of our Blogs? Please Click Here.

Yeah Burger Opens it’s Second Location with Fun and Whimsical Signage. We wish these were signs in San Clemente!

The graphics package, designed by Tad Carpenter, includes exterior illuminated LED signs and vibrant interior signage and wall graphics. The colorful and imaginative design theme is used throughout the restaurant. …

Publish Date: 10/29/2010 5:00

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And that is it for signs in San Clemente!

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