OC Bagels and Signs in Laguna Hills

OC Bagels & Signs in Laguna Hills

Near the corner of Alicia Parkway and Valencia is OC Bagels, offering some of the best bagels and coffee you can find. Sign Clemente is proud to have created and installed their signs in Laguna Hills.

Of all the signs in Laguna Hills, the OC Bagels signs offer a great example of a technique called push through which is a great way to distinguish your signs in Laguna Hills.

Push Through and Signs in Laguna Hills

Simply put, push through is literally that—acrylic that is pushed through the faces of signs in Laguna Hills to provide even more dimension and a halo effect when lit. The second photo shows a close up of what we are writing about. The acrylic is pushed through the routed-out face. The color is applied to the face of the push through on the signs in Laguna Hills while the edges are left clear. The effect is that halo light surrounds the graphic when lit—in this case by white neon.

Push through is not the least expensive way to make signs in Laguna Hills, but it is attractive and we have never had a customer regret that they went with that option. It requires a lot of machine time when making the signs in Laguna Hills as both the face of the cabinet has to be routed out, and the acrylic has to be shaped—almost becoming two signs in one.

Eye-Catching Signs in Laguna Hills

When having eye-catching signs in Laguna Hills, or were ever you need your sign to be seen, consider going the way of OC Bagels, and talk to use at Sign Clemente about push through.

Here is an excellent article from our sign friends in Burbank.

Signage Education | What Channel Letter is best for your Signs in Laguna Hills?

What style channel letter are you looking for? Here are some examples of the most common channel letter signs in Laguna Hills for your information. Publish Date: 11/14/2010 22:55

And perhaps a little bagel history from Wikipedia is in order here!

Be sure to check out Bart’s Blogs. And that’s it for signs in Laguna Hills!

Lobby Signs in Laguna Niguel

Favorite Signs in Laguna Niguel

Because Laguna Niguel is more residential than commercial, we at Sign Clemente do not get as many opportunities for signs in Laguna Niguel as we would like.

Of our favorite signs in Laguna Niguel, though, are the lobby signs we are doing for Homestead Escrow. This customer is growing like crazy, and so is adding to the sum total of signs in Laguna Niguel. We started by doing one lobby sign for them, and they have liked it so much they have ordered three more!

Make Those Signs in Laguna Niguel Pop

They really wanted their signs in Laguna Niguel to pop—so we added a little extra. Their lobby signs in Laguna Niguel are two layers (see pic) where most signs in Laguna Niguel are one. This extra layer not only adds more color, but it adds more dimension as well to their signs in Laguna Niguel.

Because we didn’t want the sign to be too glossy, and to bring the cost down, we used PVC for their signs in Laguna Niguel. They are flat cut on a computer-driven router table, and then enameled with a thick industrial-quality enamel. Plus, gold and black look really good together for signs in Laguna Niguel.

Going “Crazy” Over Their Signs in Laguna Niguel

One of our favorite quotes is from the president and founder of Homestead Escrow, “Everybody is going crazy over this sign!”

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Custom lobby signs to make an impression

Custom lobby signs in Laguna Niguel and other indoor signs can make an effective statement about your business.

Publish Date: 08/31/2010 6:34

Lobby Signs with a difference

Check out this article on my blog http://www.impactsignbc.com/blog/bid/32227/Vancouver-Signs-l-Lobbysigns-that-are-over-the-top if you’re looking for lobby signs in Laguna Niguel that aren’t run of the mill. Your only limitation is your imagination …

Publish Date: 11/10/2010 6:00

And that’s it for Signs in Laguna Niguel!

Whimsical Signs in San Clemente

Sign Clemente has been making signs in San Clemente for nearly seven years now. That time has enabled us to make some unusual and creative signs in San Clemente.

A Little More Color in Signs in San Clemente

Being a beach community, San Clemente taste seems to run to less corporate and more colorful signs in San Clemente. Graphics tend to be more upbeat, more creative and more cheerful. That is why we love signs in San Clemente!

One example is the Bartlett Building on the corner of El Camino and Del Mar. The new owner put down a considerable investment in restoring the building. Therefore the signs needed to be complimentary to the 30’s Art Deco style of the building. The signs in San Clemente had to be creative. For the directional signs, we put down a patina and used a 30’s style font. For the building sign, we sandblasted cedar, and hand –painted the graphics. The result was a set of truly appealing and unique signs in San Clemente.

More Signs in San Clemente

Our other signs in San Clemente have often been produced by putting down digital prints on foam panels. Then we cut other pieces of foam to emphasize certain parts of the sign. Take a look at Beach Kids. The hands seemed particularly dominant to us, so we hand cut the fingers and hands to add dimension. The visual effect created a bright, inviting sign among signs in San Clemente.

One of Our Early Signs in San Clemente

Paws Pet Resort was the result of the same approach to signs in San Clemente. We built up the letters to give the name some pop. Both signs in San Clemente provide a sense of whimsy.

Pet Treasure was one of our early efforts and it still shines on Los Mares. It is constructed like a standard lighted cabinet, but that is the only thing about it that is standardbecause we made it shaped like a dog bone. It too is one of our more interesting and fun signs in San Clemente.

Want something a little more interesting than the usual signs in San Clemente? Then give us a call and see what Sign Clemente can do for you! Care to see more of our Blogs? Please Click Here.

Yeah Burger Opens it’s Second Location with Fun and Whimsical Signage. We wish these were signs in San Clemente!

The graphics package, designed by Tad Carpenter, includes exterior illuminated LED signs and vibrant interior signage and wall graphics. The colorful and imaginative design theme is used throughout the restaurant. …

Publish Date: 10/29/2010 5:00

And for a little history of San Clemente, click HERE.

And that is it for signs in San Clemente!

And What About ADA Signs?

Choosing ADA Signs Need Not Be A Daunting Task

ADA signs can be attractive as well as functional.

In a world with lots of rules and regulations to keep ahead of, Sign Clemente makes it easy to stay in compliance with ADA signs.

If anything, the regulatory environment is getting more stringent, not less. So it is important to remember ADA signs for office and plant. Rule of thumb: where ever you have rooms that are commonly accessed, you should have an ADA-compliant sign. Such rooms would typically be entry ways, restrooms, lunch or break rooms, meeting rooms and so on. ADA signs in stairwells, especially marking escape routes, are especially important when considering ADA signs.

Regulations and ADA Signs

The list of rules for ADA signs can be daunting. Height of sign placement, letter size, letter style, Braille or Braille II, colors—all these factors are important for ADA signs. Sign Clemente is here to help with all that. The primary factor is how the message is communicated. Tactile letters are the raised letters you see on ADA signs. They are typically 1/16” deep and serve the purpose of communicating to the reading public and to those who are sight impaired. Braille is used for those who are totally without sight and most often used for publically accessed rooms

Some Choices With ADA Signs

ADA signs don’t necessarily need to be expensive as lots of common ADA signs are off the shelf. But more importantly, they don’t need to be boring either. A great deal of design can go into ADA signs and they can be manufactured to be quite attractive.

A Good Background Article on ADA Signs

The American Disabilities Act helped level the playing field for the disabled Businesses should attention and often are required to attention relative to meeting the needs of the disabled ADA signs offer a degree of compliance in this …

Publish Date: 10/08/2010 11:45

And just to show that there are lots of design options with ADA Signs, check this out:

BambooSigns.com announces Eco-Boo™ Signs, a full product line of

Eco-Boo™ signs are made of bamboo, a fast-growing, renewable and recyclable product, instead of oil-based non-recyclable plastics. There is no reason to buy ugly plastic earth-hurting ADA signs any longer! Eco-Boo™ ADA compliant Braille …

Publish Date: 10/02/2010 18:53

Here is some good background on the Americans with Disabilities Act: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americans_With_Disabilities_Act

Care to read our other blogs? And that’s it for ADA Signs!

Lobby Signs: More Credibility and Less Selling?

Livetime goes with beveled and flame-polished acrylic. Digital prints in the background enhange their already impressive image.

Lobby Signs? More than one of our customers have told us that their lobby signs have enabled them to do less selling. What do lobby signs have to do with less selling? Well, they tell us that their lobby signs gave them more credibility. In one case, a graphic artist had to spend less time walking his prospect through his portfolio. In another case, a business coach had to spend less time building credibility with his prospective client.

They attribute that to their lobby signs. What they all tell us is that lobby signs convey their image- it sends an impression to the prospect that says they are here to stay.

Lobby Signs as First Impression Marketing

Painted PVC provides a matte finish. A second back-panel frames the entire sign and really sets it off.

We at Sign Clemente look at lobby signs as first impression marketing. Imagine that you are thinking of hiring a company to do some important work for you. You show up at their company location and what you see is a broken-down building, lots of weeds, and an old beat up sign. What would you do? You would turn around and leave.

But imagine the reverse. You walk into a nicely furnished lobby and you see one or two beautiful lobby signs representing the company’s logo in 3-D. In most cases, any doubts you might have had would start to melt away. Lobby signs say that you pay attention to detail, that you invest in yourself, that you have a sense of permanence. Lobby signs are like nice clothes for your business.

Lots of Choices for Lobby Signs

There are many ways to go with lobby signs, using varieties of materials and finishes. Most customers really like the look of acrylic for their lobby signs. Then again, matte finishes are becoming more popular over gloss, and PVC definitely provides a more subtle look for those lobby signs. Aluminum will also cut the gloss, definitely if one goes with brushed aluminum; you’ll get more of a semi-gloss if those lobby signs are painted with enamel. A great way to give lobby signs more dimension is to stud mount the letters and logo of the lobby signs and peg those elements off the wall with stand offs, usually about one-half inch.

If you have a rather plain wall, a colored back panel adds a nice touch. You can also go with a two-layered back panel to frame your entire lobby signs.

There are definitely lots of ways to go with your lobby signs. Let Sign Clemente help you out. The good news is, no matter which way you go with Sign Clemente, you will always get a great -looking and eye-catching lobby signs.

This lobby sign is made of enamel-coated aluminum. It is pegged off the wall with half-inch stand offs.

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Custom lobby signs to make an impression

Custom lobby signs and other indoor signs can make an effective statement about your business.

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Who Does Your Selling When You Are Not There?

Signs in Costa Mesa Do Your Selling

Z Tejas Sign Marks the Spot

Unlike employees, signs in Costa Mesa never have to go home, never get sick, go on strike, take breaks or have bad days. Signs in Costa Mesa sell for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They sell for you when you are not there.

No wonder, study after study show signs in Costa Mesa as your best marketing investment. One such investment was made by the popular restaurant at the South Coast Plaza, Z Tejas. Their food is great, but they had a visibility problem in spite of their signs in Costa Mesa.

South Coast Plaza- Signs in Costa Mesa

They called Sign Clemente for help. We created and installed two signs in Costa Mesa– one on a pilaster facing the parking lot, and the other in the mall itself. Even though they had two signs in Costa Mesa to start, one was up very high, and hard to see when close to the building; the other was by one of the doors, but small.

The first of signs in Costa Mesa was the pilaster sign. It is made of aluminum for durability, and stud mounted directly into the stone. One can’t but see that one is approaching the restaurant as they walk from parking lot to mall. It has been there several months so far, and is holding up perfectly.

The second of signs in Costa Mesa is a hanging sign inside the mall. The restaurant has another entrance from the inside of the mall, but customers could walk right past it unaware that Z Tejas was so close.

We constructed a sign using PVC and acrylic. On the PVC we applied a patina that is exclusive to Sign Clemente to emphasize their southwestern ambiance. All other elements of the sign were enameled.

Signs in Costa Mesa Aren’t Going Anywhere

This is a unique sign among signs in Costa Mesa, and we wanted to make sure that it was properly fixed in place. The hanging bars are stainless steel, threaded on the sign end, while the PVC it attaches to is also threaded. Epoxy was added to ensure strength. The bases are also stainless, and clamps on to the shafts. Those bases screw into studs in the ceiling making one of the mall’s most stable signs in Costa Mesa!

Signs in Costa Mesa – Importance of Signage

This is well worth watching.

So why are Signs in Costa Mesa so important? Check out this video on what the SBA has to say.

Lots of foot traffic now sees that hanging sign—proudly one of Sign Clemente’s signs in Costa Mesa!

Signs In Fullerton Capture Attention

These Signs in Fullerton Cannot be Missed!

Because of its signage, this building cannot be missed.

Years ago, more than we would like to count, like back in the early 70’s, downtown Fullerton was mostly boarded up. There were few signs in Fullerton when you drove through the downtown area.

Since that time, the city has really spruced up, and so have the signs in Fullerton.

OC Foot & Ankle’s Signs in Fullerton

Euclid Street is not downtown, but on the corner of Euclid and Wilshire stands OC Foot & Ankle. Dr. Jonathan Bennett moved one of his locations there and called Sign Clemente to create and install his signs in Fullerton. What Sign Clemente provided were channel letters, monument lettering and various parking and directional signs.

The channel letters are the most important signs in Fullerton for OC Foot & Ankle. When you drive north on Euclid, you can see the sign for blocks. The letters are made of aluminum, so they won’t rust. The letter faces are blue acrylic, so we used blue LEDs to power the lighting to get a really visible blue. And so it is! Many have commented on how beautifully the letters shine at night.

The monument letters are flat-cut acrylic, painted with Matthew’s Paint enamel. They are pegged about ¼” off the wall and provide a nice sense of depth. There is no doubt that anyone looking for these signs in Fullerton will pass them pass without knowing it!

Signs in Fullerton Should Also Help with Traffic Flow

Parking and direction signs in Fullerton were important because the building has parking beneath the building with two entrances. To ensure proper traffic flow, Sign Clemente installed clear directional signs at each entrance/exit, plus a couple of reminder signs just in case of the driver missed the first one.

OC Foot & Ankle is both proud and happy with their signs in Fullerton. It was a rewarding job because the project was an important one for the medical practice. What started as a very dull building ended up a very interesting and inviting destination!

The Importance of Signs in Fullerton… | Scioto Signs

Thanks to Scioto Signs for this Important SBA Article

U.S. Small Business Administration MT-12 SIGNS: Showcasing Your Business on the Street The Importance of Signs in Fullerton for your Business Marketing Series SIGNS: Showcasing Your Business on the Street The Importance of Signage for your …

Publish Date: 10/06/2010 11:48

And read this snippet- channel letter signs in Fullerton

Channel Letters

Channel letters are the most ubiquitous form of electric signs in the US. Called channel letters because they are bent aluminum frames in the shapes of letters into which neon, and now LEDs, are installed and translucent faces added. …

Publish Date: 10/10/2010 15:24

And That’s it for signs in Fullerton!

Spruce Up Your Look with Monument Signs

Monument Signs in Huntington Beach

A crane lowers the monument sign into wet concrete 5 feet deep.

Along Beach Blvd, you will find an impressive array of monument signs in Huntington Beach. City planners pay special attention to their signs in Huntington Beach, especially along that main thoroughfare.

Between Talbert and Ellis Avenues, Sign Clemente engaged in an especially impressive monument to stand among the signs in Huntington Beach. It is impressive because of the extra planning and work involved to design and install the cabinet that stands over 12 feet high, one of the larger of its kind of all the signs in Huntington Beach.

Extra Planning for Signs in Huntington Beach

The monument sign required the extra attention of a civil engineer to make sure that it could stand up to the blasting winds that occur from time to time and often damage signs in Huntington Beach. So far, this Sign Clemente monument has stood up to all that Mother Nature has dished out.

Importance of Monument Signs in Huntington Beach for Tenants

The tenants of this property find this monument important. They need this among the signs in Huntington Beach to announce their presence—and this one certainly does. The monument sign is back lit with florescent tubes and shines like a beacon for these tenants. Every time a new tenant moves in, getting Sign Clemente to put in a new panel with their name on it is one of the first things they do. That’s because they know that this sign is hard to miss. It stands so tall that the trees had to be trimmed way back.

Next time you are on Beach Blvd. take a look at the signs in Huntington Beach, and watch for ours.

Check out what others are saying…

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What are Foamcore Monument Signs? | Signs To You

What are Foamcore Monument Signs in Huntington Beach? Written on September 10, 2010 by admin in Resources, Signs. Foamcore Monument Sign. Benefits: • Will not rust, peel or delaminate • Resistant to rot, termites & moisture …

Publish Date: 09/10/2010 10:44


multifamily monument signs.wmv

Apartment communities make significant investments in monument signage as branding and drive by are so important, but are you maximizing the potential of your signage? Don’t let your signs go to waste. Take a fresh look at your signage today and see …

Care to see more of our blog posts?And that’s it for Signs in Huntington Beach!


Neon or LED?

Signs in Santa Ana—Neon or LED

When planning your signs in Santa Ana, your building signs make the first impression. We at Sign Clemente like to refers to signs as first impression marketing.

What will really set of your building signs in Santa Ana is internal illumination. When your sign shines, you take advantage of all the pairs of eyes that pass by your building. Illumination will make your sign among the most eye-catching of the signs in Santa Ana.

Having the Most Eye-Catching Signs in Santa Ana

The question with signs in Santa Ana that often comes up at Sign Clemente is “neon or LED”? Neon is definitely an interesting technology as it is well over 100 years old. There has been neon as long as there have been signs in Santa Ana. But neon requires as much as 15,000 volts of power. You will consume less than 20% power with LEDs as you would with neon.

LED on the other hand, offers signs in Santa Ana the latest technology. LEDs run on 12 volts as opposed to 15,000. They are rated for at least 100,000 hours of service—as many as 300,000—where neon can start developing problems after a year of use. When one LED goes out, it is not noticeable because you have lots of others still burning bright. LEDs, then are the most efficient of lighted signs in Santa Ana.

Thinking About Installing Signs in Santa Ana

LED signs are much easier, and then less expensive to install than neon signs in Santa Ana. Neon requires special wiring, and all wires need to be shielded in conduit. LEDs use a much lighter wire, much like the cord on your table lamps, and don’t need to be shielded. Installing your signs in Santa Ana are require much less labor and materials, so you begin to save right up front.

Read what others are saying about lighted signs in Santa Ana— A very informative article…

Lighted Outdoor Signs in Santa Ana add many new customers

LED sign products and outdoor lighted signs in Santa Ana are the most cost-effective advertising methods for your business. Choosing this investment is one important way to add cash to your company’s bottom line. A critical aspect of a successful …

Publish Date: 09/20/2010 17:50

And read a little history on Santa Ana: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Ana,_California

That’s it for this blogon signs in Santa Ana, like to see our others?

Getting Your Signs in Newport Beach Through the City

Fun with the City and Signs in Newport Beach

One of Sign Clemente's Signs on PCH

Sign Clemente has found that obtaining signs in Newport Beach can often be frustrating. The City of Newport Beach has vague and very restrictive side regulations. Further, they can take up to two weeks to approve Signs in Newport Beach.

When you start planning for your signs in Newport Beach, be sure to get Sign Clemente involved early. That way we have plenty of time to make adjustments should the city come back with what they like to call “corrections”.

Sometimes You Need a Permit for Your Signs in Newport Beach, Sometimes You Don’t

Lobby signs, or any indoor sign, such as ADA signs, do not have to be permitted. Sometimes they will tell you that any indoor sign that can be seen from the outdoors—like through a glass door—has to be permitted, but Sign Clemente has never found the city to cite such a user of Signs in Newport Beach.

Outdoor Signs in Newport Beach

It is the outdoor signs that requires the city’s approval. We have done many signs in Newport Beach, including channel letters and unlighted building letters and we have found that the best early indication of an acceptable set of signs in Newport Beach can be determined by what sort of signs are already installed in the area. Don’t simply assume that if one business has a certain sign, you can have one similar. The city does not observe precedent. However, looking around the immediate area as to what is already in place is a good start for your signs in Newport Beach.

This blog is written to help you get started. But always get us involved early before you get too far down the road with your sign design. Most of the Signs in Newport Beach that we have sought permits for have gotten approved the first time, but Sign Clemente has had its occasional surprises!

And See What Others are Saying About Sign Permits (like those for Signs in Newport Beach)

Obtaining Sign Permits

Usually, the most difficult part of putting up new signs is getting the sign permit for signs in Newport Beach from the city office. The process starts by filing an application. You will usually need to provide engineer approved drawings for each sign …

Publish Date: 09/23/2010 10:12


And a little Newport Beach history from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newport_Beach,_California

And its all worth it… Take a look!

Advertising Techniques for Small Business

What are the best advertising techniques for small business? Compare the return on investment (ROI) of outdoor advertising versus print and visual media. Word of Mouth is still the best form of business advertising, unfortunately it is also the slowe…

And that’s it for Signs in Newport Beach! We hope you found this post informative.

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