Custom Sign Company Marks Seven-Year Anniversary

7- Year Anniversary of Making Custom Signs

Since 95% of all businesses fail in five years, we are proud to pass our seven year mark making custom signs.

As an Orange County sign company, we have earned over 500 customers, and produced over 2,000 custom signs! Starting out doing mostly banners and door magnets, we have grown to specialize in commercial signage serving many corporations that are household names.

Custom Signs Bring Logos to Life

Polished Faces Greet Visitors to Diamond Mattress

This Orange County sign company has brought hundreds of logos to life through lobby signs, building signs and monuments. It has been a busy seven years in the business of custom signs.

Custom signs mean making your logos real. Custom signs mean enabling you to make that all-important great first impression. That is why custom signs are so critical to your business. Your custom sign sells for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Who among your employees do that?

Custom Signs Are Your Best Marketing Investment

Plus, custom signs have been proved to be the most cost-effective marketing investment you can make. Studies of first-time retail customers show that the vast majority were attracted by the sign—not a radio ad, not a television ad, but the custom signs. Considering what custom signs cost versus a T.V. ad, signs are a bargain.

So success in a business is not dependent on how many corners your can cut, but how much you can invest in custom signs that will bring you business.

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And that’s if for Custom Signs!

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