Getting the Most of Your Signs in Anaheim

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A Strong Building Sign Can Provide Prominence To Your Property

Your signs in Anaheim should be your first consideration in your marketing and promotion plan. Why? Consider these facts: since 1997, a group of 488 Southern California businesses collectively polled their 7,200 first-time customers asking how they found out about them. Here are the results:

Your Signs in Anaheim 46%
Word of Mouth 38%
Newpaper Ads 7%
Yellow Pages 6%
Radio Commercial 2%
Television Commercial 1
  • Signtronix Survey, 2003
  • Clearly two conclusions jump out: their signs in Anaheim were effectively speaking to potential customers and signs are the most effective form of advertising for the small and independent business person.

TIP #1 Don’t be so concerned about how much you can save on your signs in Anaheim, but how you can bring in more paying customers.


Your signs in Anaheim should be sufficient height and size without being obscured by objects such as trees, lampposts and so on. Its content, both text and logo, must be legible. It must stand out from its background. Keep this chart in mind when selecting the size of your signs in Anaheim:

Speed of traffic Legibility Distance Size of Letters Needed(height)
55 mph 440’ 12”
50 mph 400’ 10”
45 mph 360’ 9”
40 mph 320’ 8”
35 mph 280’ 6”
30 mph 240 4”
25 mph 200’ 3”

TIP #2 Your signs in Anaheim have less than two seconds to capture a consumer’s attention.

Consider simple and direct messages, highly visible letters, easy to read type styles, illumination and contrasting colors. Most readable background colors are white and yellow. Most readable letters are black, dark blue and red. Use of a border can help your viewer absorb your information 26% faster.


That’s “too much information” and “too many messages.” We are barraged by thousands of messages daily. Not only have we become good at absorbing lots of data, we are good at tuning out obnoxious messages. Often a good, crisp presentation is best for your signs in Anaheim. You don’t need to inform your clientele of everything you can do, you just want to capture their interest to the point that they come in. Maximum should be three to five words. Leave 30 – 40% of your sign area blank on your signs in Anaheim.

TIP #3 Distill your message to where you make your point with as few words as possible. If you can’t fit your message on a bumper sticker, you have too many words on your signs in Anaheim.

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