Getting Your Signs in Newport Beach Through the City

Fun with the City and Signs in Newport Beach

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Sign Clemente has found that obtaining signs in Newport Beach can often be frustrating. The City of Newport Beach has vague and very restrictive side regulations. Further, they can take up to two weeks to approve Signs in Newport Beach.

When you start planning for your signs in Newport Beach, be sure to get Sign Clemente involved early. That way we have plenty of time to make adjustments should the city come back with what they like to call “corrections”.

Sometimes You Need a Permit for Your Signs in Newport Beach, Sometimes You Don’t

Lobby signs, or any indoor sign, such as ADA signs, do not have to be permitted. Sometimes they will tell you that any indoor sign that can be seen from the outdoors—like through a glass door—has to be permitted, but Sign Clemente has never found the city to cite such a user of Signs in Newport Beach.

Outdoor Signs in Newport Beach

It is the outdoor signs that requires the city’s approval. We have done many signs in Newport Beach, including channel letters and unlighted building letters and we have found that the best early indication of an acceptable set of signs in Newport Beach can be determined by what sort of signs are already installed in the area. Don’t simply assume that if one business has a certain sign, you can have one similar. The city does not observe precedent. However, looking around the immediate area as to what is already in place is a good start for your signs in Newport Beach.

This blog is written to help you get started. But always get us involved early before you get too far down the road with your sign design. Most of the Signs in Newport Beach that we have sought permits for have gotten approved the first time, but Sign Clemente has had its occasional surprises!

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Publish Date: 09/23/2010 10:12

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And its all worth it… Take a look!

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And that’s it for Signs in Newport Beach! We hope you found this post informative.

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