Irvine Signs

We often hear people complain about  the strictness of Irvine Signs.  The City of Irvine

Seen off the 5 Frwy and Jamboree 

maintains a reputation for strict municipal code when it comes to Irvine signs—that is true.  However, one thing we do like about Irvine signs is that the City is very clear about their sign code so therefore it is easy to know what is acceptable and what is not.

The city encourages property managers to develop sign plans for their properties.  These plans can be developed by Sign Clemente as a set of instructions showing tenants what kind of Irvine signs they may display.  Once the city approves the sign plan, it can be added as an addendum to the tenant’s lease agreement.  This practice makes rules around allowable Irvine signs crystal clear.

Nothing is much more frustrating than going back and forth with property managers, tenants and the city trying to establish what kind, what size and placement of Irvine Signs.  A solid reading of the city’s sign codes and establishing a clearly written sign plan for a property is key to saving time and frustration when planning Irvine Signs.

Sign Clemente has developed many sign plans for Irvine signs and can create one for your property as well.

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