Lobby Signs: Honeywell Completes Their Rebranding Effort In Santa Ana

Lobby Signs: Honeywell’s Latest


Lobby Signs
New Lobby Sign

Honeywell’s local rebranding effort with Sign Clemente is nearly complete.  To the left is Honeywell’s latest of their lobby signs.  As we wrote in our other blogs, Honeywell bought Sperian who makes industrial safety products like ear protection.   They needed new lobby signs.  We have now installed in San Diego, Santa Ana and Tijuana.  Lots of signs!

Lobby Signs Are Only Part of It

Sign Clemente has also installed large cabinet directional signs (we will review in our next blog), handicap signs, and illuminated building letters.   Lobby signs were just one part.  With Honeywell’s orange/red, there logo has added a striking look to their properties.  (See their new monument make over).

How These Lobby Signs Are Made

The Honeywell lobby signs were all made to cover any damage left behind from removing their old Sperian signs.  Rather than remove the old letters and have the dry wall filled and repainted, we used 1/2″ thick PVC and painted it white.  Then we cut flat clear acrylic on a CNC router to shape the letters for these lobby signs.  They were then painted with industrial grade enamel to the customers colors.  These made beautiful and practical lobby signs!

Now check out these great-looking lobby signs from our friends in Chicago!


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