Lobby Signs in Laguna Niguel

Favorite Signs in Laguna Niguel

Because Laguna Niguel is more residential than commercial, we at Sign Clemente do not get as many opportunities for signs in Laguna Niguel as we would like.

Of our favorite signs in Laguna Niguel, though, are the lobby signs we are doing for Homestead Escrow. This customer is growing like crazy, and so is adding to the sum total of signs in Laguna Niguel. We started by doing one lobby sign for them, and they have liked it so much they have ordered three more!

Make Those Signs in Laguna Niguel Pop

They really wanted their signs in Laguna Niguel to pop—so we added a little extra. Their lobby signs in Laguna Niguel are two layers (see pic) where most signs in Laguna Niguel are one. This extra layer not only adds more color, but it adds more dimension as well to their signs in Laguna Niguel.

Because we didn’t want the sign to be too glossy, and to bring the cost down, we used PVC for their signs in Laguna Niguel. They are flat cut on a computer-driven router table, and then enameled with a thick industrial-quality enamel. Plus, gold and black look really good together for signs in Laguna Niguel.

Going “Crazy” Over Their Signs in Laguna Niguel

One of our favorite quotes is from the president and founder of Homestead Escrow, “Everybody is going crazy over this sign!”

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And that’s it for Signs in Laguna Niguel!

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