Neon or LED?

Signs in Santa Ana—Neon or LED

When planning your signs in Santa Ana, your building signs make the first impression. We at Sign Clemente like to refers to signs as first impression marketing.

What will really set of your building signs in Santa Ana is internal illumination. When your sign shines, you take advantage of all the pairs of eyes that pass by your building. Illumination will make your sign among the most eye-catching of the signs in Santa Ana.

Having the Most Eye-Catching Signs in Santa Ana

The question with signs in Santa Ana that often comes up at Sign Clemente is “neon or LED”? Neon is definitely an interesting technology as it is well over 100 years old. There has been neon as long as there have been signs in Santa Ana. But neon requires as much as 15,000 volts of power. You will consume less than 20% power with LEDs as you would with neon.

LED on the other hand, offers signs in Santa Ana the latest technology. LEDs run on 12 volts as opposed to 15,000. They are rated for at least 100,000 hours of service—as many as 300,000—where neon can start developing problems after a year of use. When one LED goes out, it is not noticeable because you have lots of others still burning bright. LEDs, then are the most efficient of lighted signs in Santa Ana.

Thinking About Installing Signs in Santa Ana

LED signs are much easier, and then less expensive to install than neon signs in Santa Ana. Neon requires special wiring, and all wires need to be shielded in conduit. LEDs use a much lighter wire, much like the cord on your table lamps, and don’t need to be shielded. Installing your signs in Santa Ana are require much less labor and materials, so you begin to save right up front.

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