OC Bagels and Signs in Laguna Hills

OC Bagels & Signs in Laguna Hills

Near the corner of Alicia Parkway and Valencia is OC Bagels, offering some of the best bagels and coffee you can find. Sign Clemente is proud to have created and installed their signs in Laguna Hills.

Of all the signs in Laguna Hills, the OC Bagels signs offer a great example of a technique called push through which is a great way to distinguish your signs in Laguna Hills.

Push Through and Signs in Laguna Hills

Simply put, push through is literally that—acrylic that is pushed through the faces of signs in Laguna Hills to provide even more dimension and a halo effect when lit. The second photo shows a close up of what we are writing about. The acrylic is pushed through the routed-out face. The color is applied to the face of the push through on the signs in Laguna Hills while the edges are left clear. The effect is that halo light surrounds the graphic when lit—in this case by white neon.

Push through is not the least expensive way to make signs in Laguna Hills, but it is attractive and we have never had a customer regret that they went with that option. It requires a lot of machine time when making the signs in Laguna Hills as both the face of the cabinet has to be routed out, and the acrylic has to be shaped—almost becoming two signs in one.

Eye-Catching Signs in Laguna Hills

When having eye-catching signs in Laguna Hills, or were ever you need your sign to be seen, consider going the way of OC Bagels, and talk to use at Sign Clemente about push through.

Here is an excellent article from our sign friends in Burbank.

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And perhaps a little bagel history from Wikipedia is in order here!

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