Orange County Signs: Going to the Dogs

Llighted sign shows off Pet Treasures in San Clemente

Llighted sign shows off Pet Treasures in San Clemente

Orange County Signs Get Creative

When the new owners of Pet Treasures in San Clemente wanted exposure on their busy street, who did they call for Orange County signs?   Sign Clemente of course!  They wanted something creative, something that conveyed what they do, which is cater to dog fanciers.  This latest of our Orange County signs features a sign shaped like a dog bone.  When people drive by and see a street full of Orange County signs, they can’t help but notice this one.  See more Orange County building signs here.

How Orange County Signs are Made

This unique version of our Orange County Signs is basically an aluminum cabinet.  The back has rows of white LEDs which light up the sign at night.  The face is translucent acrylic with translucent graphics which announce the name of their store: Pet Treasures.   Only five years ago, this sign would have been lit with neon.  The neon would be formed into a grid pattern to fill the cabinet with light to comprise one of our Orange County signs.  Neon is always a great source of light.  The problem is that neon is very fragile over time and requires servicing after a few years.  These Orange County signs covert house power into an average of 12,000 volts so they use lots of power.   LEDs on the other hand, are 12 volt.  They use less than 10% of the power required by neon, and last years without servicing.   Now you can invest in Orange County signs lit by LEDs for the same price as what neon used to cost.  Plus you save on power and installing Orange County signs with LEDs is less labor-intensive.

You and Orange County Signs

Providing great-looking Orange County signs is our business.   This year marks our tenth year of creating and installing eye catching Orange County signs for businesses that want to attract new customers, stamp a brand in the minds of their customers and stand out from the many messages that bombard us all.

One of our signs that you see throughout Orange County

One of our signs that you see throughout Orange County

A creatively designed sign, one that captures what you are all about, is one of the best marketing decisons you can make.  Orange County signs tell the customer or prospect that you are in business for the long term.  It shows them where you are so you can find them easily.  It brands you, sets a tone, defines your image.  Study after study shows that dollar for dollar, your Orange County signs is the best investment you can make for attracting business.Graphics catch the eyes of passers by.

Don’t Cut Corners on Orange County Signs

What do the big box stores like Good Guys and Staples have in common?  They all invest in the largest signs that their respective municipalities allow.  Orange County signs like the IKEA sign off the 405 attest to this.  Orange County signs is not the place to cut corners.  Faded acryic, rusty metal, lighted letters that are burned out, these are all signs of neglect which reflect badly on your business.  These are Orange County signs that do you a disservice.  Cheap materials only hurt you in the long run.

But you don’t have to be concerned with Sign Clemente’s Orange County signs.  We use no-rust aluminum.  Our enamels are industrial grade.  The vinyls we use are of the high performance variety meaning that they are the longest lasting available.  We don’t want to put our Orange County signs out in the world to reflect badly on you or us!

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