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Blue Lagoon and Signs in Orange County

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We at Sign Clemente are not prone to bragging, but these signs in Orange County do deserve bragging rights! The customer is Blue Lagoon, a residential property of townhomes right on the beach in Laguna Beach.

Their signs in Orange County were over twenty years old and needed to be replaced. The signs in Orange County consisted of plaques identifying suite numbers, parking codes, pool rules and exit signs in Orange County.

Distinctive Signs in Orange County

These signs in Orange County needed to be unusual, distinctive

Directional "Way finding" Signwhile giving the property a contemporary and clean look. The answer was a Sign Clemente design, and a patina finish.

The signs in Orange County that you see in the pictures are made of aluminum, but the patina gives them a copper look. The posts for these signs in Orange County are also rust-free aluminum.

Love and Signs in Orange County

The residents of Blue Lagoon love their signs in Orange County, and many have stopped to tell us so when we were installing.

There are thousands and thousands of signs in

Orange County; if you want a sign that stands out from the pack, give Sign Clemente a call!

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Publish Date: 11/24/2010 7:51

And that’s it for signs in Orange County!

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