Signs In Fullerton Capture Attention

These Signs in Fullerton Cannot be Missed!

Because of its signage, this building cannot be missed.

Years ago, more than we would like to count, like back in the early 70’s, downtown Fullerton was mostly boarded up. There were few signs in Fullerton when you drove through the downtown area.

Since that time, the city has really spruced up, and so have the signs in Fullerton.

OC Foot & Ankle’s Signs in Fullerton

Euclid Street is not downtown, but on the corner of Euclid and Wilshire stands OC Foot & Ankle. Dr. Jonathan Bennett moved one of his locations there and called Sign Clemente to create and install his signs in Fullerton. What Sign Clemente provided were channel letters, monument lettering and various parking and directional signs.

The channel letters are the most important signs in Fullerton for OC Foot & Ankle. When you drive north on Euclid, you can see the sign for blocks. The letters are made of aluminum, so they won’t rust. The letter faces are blue acrylic, so we used blue LEDs to power the lighting to get a really visible blue. And so it is! Many have commented on how beautifully the letters shine at night.

The monument letters are flat-cut acrylic, painted with Matthew’s Paint enamel. They are pegged about ¼” off the wall and provide a nice sense of depth. There is no doubt that anyone looking for these signs in Fullerton will pass them pass without knowing it!

Signs in Fullerton Should Also Help with Traffic Flow

Parking and direction signs in Fullerton were important because the building has parking beneath the building with two entrances. To ensure proper traffic flow, Sign Clemente installed clear directional signs at each entrance/exit, plus a couple of reminder signs just in case of the driver missed the first one.

OC Foot & Ankle is both proud and happy with their signs in Fullerton. It was a rewarding job because the project was an important one for the medical practice. What started as a very dull building ended up a very interesting and inviting destination!

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And That’s it for signs in Fullerton!

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