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An amusing restaurant sign among Signs in Southern California

A Sign of Good Things To Come? Or Not? – Orange County Restaurants

Sometimes signs in Southern California…

… can say it all. The photo of one of the more notable signs in Southern California was taken by our friend Craig, who has…

Publish Date: 09/29/2010 9:00

And then there is the Human Pickle, About to be Among the Famous Signs in Southern California

Petition launched to save human pickle – News – The Orange County

In response, Luzzi moved the human pickle across the freeway to Lake Forest Drive and I-5 in Irvine. Luzzi also took the pickle in the other direction to Bake Parkway and Rockfield Boulevard in Irvine, just down the road from the shop. …

Publish Date: 10/01/2010 14:41–.html

And The Effort to Save More Famous Southern California Signs:

Rhapsody for Neon; The Kensington Sign Update

A brief overview of San Diego’s historic neon with emphasis on the neighborhood neon signs in Southern California. This film advocates for the preservation of the Kensington sign. Unfortunately this among signs in Southern California was allowed to be taken down, removed and destroyed. In the aftermath …

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