Spruce Up Your Look with Monument Signs

Monument Signs in Huntington Beach

A crane lowers the monument sign into wet concrete 5 feet deep.

Along Beach Blvd, you will find an impressive array of monument signs in Huntington Beach. City planners pay special attention to their signs in Huntington Beach, especially along that main thoroughfare.

Between Talbert and Ellis Avenues, Sign Clemente engaged in an especially impressive monument to stand among the signs in Huntington Beach. It is impressive because of the extra planning and work involved to design and install the cabinet that stands over 12 feet high, one of the larger of its kind of all the signs in Huntington Beach.

Extra Planning for Signs in Huntington Beach

The monument sign required the extra attention of a civil engineer to make sure that it could stand up to the blasting winds that occur from time to time and often damage signs in Huntington Beach. So far, this Sign Clemente monument has stood up to all that Mother Nature has dished out.

Importance of Monument Signs in Huntington Beach for Tenants

The tenants of this property find this monument important. They need this among the signs in Huntington Beach to announce their presence—and this one certainly does. The monument sign is back lit with florescent tubes and shines like a beacon for these tenants. Every time a new tenant moves in, getting Sign Clemente to put in a new panel with their name on it is one of the first things they do. That’s because they know that this sign is hard to miss. It stands so tall that the trees had to be trimmed way back.

Next time you are on Beach Blvd. take a look at the signs in Huntington Beach, and watch for ours.

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