Lobby Signs

Orange County lobby signs are an essential, easy way to promote your business and create brand recognition for customers.

Check out our recent installation of one of our lobby signs , also known as reception signs, for In Spirit, in Mission Viejo, CA., in this time-lapse video!

lobby signsSo what makes Orange County lobby signs so useful and important? Think about what you typically see when you walk into a corporate or small business office: generally there is nondescript artwork, which covers walls and adds color, and basically exists to blend in with the surroundings in a non-confrontational, bland sort of way. Sometimes you’ll even see blank walls, or framed letters of recommendations, awards, licenses, and degrees. These businesses are missing out on a fabulous opportunity if the main, open wall space isn’t taken up with a lobby sign or reception sign.

Awards, degrees, and licenses do serve a purpose, and can usefully be displayed somewhere in your place of business. But they don’t tell convey your entire brand. People who sit in lobbies are usually stakeholders: potential employees, potential investors, and current or potential customers. What companies are usually tryuing to do in marketing is to avoid anonymity, which means that they want to create a positive impression in a customer’s (or investor’s) mind. We call this branding. What better way to do that with  lobby signs that are a real, 3D version of their logo, which most companies have spent time and money developing. It makes so much more sense to have your attractive, branded logo on your lobby wall than to hang art or have a blank wall.

Lots of Materials Available for Lobby Signs!

There’s an amazing variety of materials that you can use for any budget. We regularly use plastics likelobby signs acrylic, aluminum, wood, or stainless steel. If a customer wants a clean, very modern, high tech look, then brushed aluminum is a great choice for reception signs. We can peg your  lobby signs off of the wall with studs and spacers. If a customer wants a warmer look with color, a great look is painted acrylic. It cuts really clean, and the paint can either be applied to back of thick acrylic, or with backpainting that makes the color look embedded in the plastic. We can also face-paint plastic, which provides more of a satin look.  Lots of choices for lobby signs!

lobby signsImprove Your Image with Lobby Signs

Attractive signage influences how people perceive your business, and that extends to more than just outdoor signs — lobby signs (whether you are a large corporation or a smaller local business) give current and potential customers a visual impression that stays with them. Clean, well-designed reception signs can make all the difference for your business.  And don’t forget your conference rooms-  indoor signs look great there too!

Sign Clemente can offer a wide array of options, and make recommendations that enhance the look and feel of your company, and your company’s image.





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