Monument Signs

Monument Signs and What They Can Provide

Monument SignsThese specialized signs are  more than advertising for your business; when well-designed, they are artful, attractive additions to a neighborhood or community. They are incredibly durable, are easy to install, are surprisingly lightweight, yet give the impression of solidity and permanence.  Monument signs are any type of free-standing sign that is attached to the ground in front of a place of business or other building. They look great in front of neighborhood or subdivision entrances, churches, or any business that wants a durable, attractive sign that will stand out beautifully.

Ways to Construct Monument Signs

There are several different types of monument signs that we specialize in. Surprisingly, most fancy monument signs that you see are actually made out of foam. They have a 12 pound bead-foam core, which is the same type of foam you’d find in your styrofoam cooler. The foam is cut to shape by passing electricity though a hot wire, which allows us to achieve extreme precision, giving you any design or shape you want. The foam is then covered with an epoxy hard coat, and finally with an acrylicMonument Signs stucco. The end result is beautiful, durable, resistant to weather (it won’t rot or rust!), and you’d never know these monument signs are made  of foam. They are easy to install, lightweight, and far less costly than  poured concrete or cinder block monument signs. You don’t need to pour a concrete pad to install monument signs; it’s held in place by two or three steep posts that go up through the inside of the monument itself, with a base that is only a couple of feet below ground, held in by concrete footings. Finally, we letter up the monument with aluminum panels on standoffs, and dimensional address numbers. The end result is clean, attractive, and solid looking, and will hold up beautifully. One of our favorite things to show customers is a sample monument sign that we whack with a hammer, and while we don’t recommend that you do this yourself, we like to show just how sturdy these lovely and secure signs can be. These monument signs can be illuminated easily with landscape up-lighting, using floods on the ground to make sure that your sign is visible at night.  Image your corporate look and feel on one of the best looking monument signs out there.

Monument Signs Lit or Unlit?

Monument Signs Another type of monument signs that we are able to create is more expensive, but very popular. They are internally lit, using flourescent tubes, and are especially good for tenants. You do have to pour a concrete pad for this type of sign, which is part of what adds to the expense, but is definitely worth it if you want this look. The faces of these signs are generally acrylic, and we apply translucent vinyl on the acrylic panels that identify tenants on the monument signs.

At Sign Clemente, we love creating and installing monument signs in Orange County.

Whether you already know exactly what you want your sign to look like, or need help envisioning and designing your sign, we would love to work with you. Contact us today if you’re ready to increase your business, or add flair and beauty to your community with monument signs.






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