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 Orange County Vehicle Graphics– Your Outdoor Advertising

Wherever you are in Orange County, chances are you’ve seen cars, trucks, and vans with powerfully displayed signage. Some signs are simple, and just have a company’s name, logo, and phone number. Others are highly designed and artistic, and really catch the eye.  Sign Clemente can create eye-catching graphics.

vehicle graphicsvehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics are mobile advertising: a powerful, easy, and cost effective way to get your business name out to the public. While driving through Orange County, your car is likely seen by hundreds of people each day. If you’re stuck in traffic during a busy Orange County commute, people all around you have the opportunity to see your logo, and remember your company’s name, all thanks to vehicle graphics. Think of your car, truck, or minivan as a billboard with wheels. It’s actually better than a billboard (which people pass by but can’t really take the time to read closely). Every minute that you spend driving your vehicle with signage, you are promoting your business. In fact, even when your vehicle is parked, people see and notice the artwork and information.  That is the beauty of fleet graphics.

vehicle graphics

vehicle graphics





 Vehical Graphics (Fleet Graphics) and How They are Like Free Advertising

The most exciting thing about vehicle graphics is that they are advertising that costs virtually nothing. If you have a company vehicle (whether it’s a box truck, van, or a whole fleet of autos), you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity if you aren’t utilizing  graphics. The more time that your vehicle spends driving around Orange County (or anywhere!), the more people see your business advertised. We have actually seen this firsthand by having Sign Clemente vehicle graphics on our own vehicles, and this mobile advertising has turned into actual business for us.

There are three main ways that you can use vehicle graphics to advertise. The first is a vehicle wrap, which covers the entirety of the vehicle, and is usually an attractive, attention-grabbing way to advertise. This option can be expensive, so while the long-term benefit is definitely there, and you will be certain to get a return on that initial investment, it does cost a bit more than the other options that exist. You have to design each of the panels of your vehicle, and will need to employ a graphic designer to make this look perfect. Be sure to pay close attention to any hardware on the body of your vehicle when designing your wrap. The cost for a vehicle wrap is usually about $3,500, not counting your graphic design budget. At Sign Clemente, we can help with design, as well as with the actual creation and installation, so let us know if you’d like to find out more!

Vehicle Graphics, Let Us Count the Ways

The second, and most common way to advertise with vehicle graphics, is cut graphics, which you can see in the video. It’s also the least expensive form of mobile advertising, and is quick to install.

Door magnets are the third option for vehicle graphics. While these magnets can look good, there are a few challenges to bear in mind before choosing this format. They do have the potential to look temporary, as though the owner of the vehicle doesn’t always want to be associated with the business. This sort of advertising seems to work well for things like pizza delivery vehicles, where the drivers often use their own cars, and they can stick the magnet on just when they’re working. Many other types of businesses would benefit from more permanent signage on their vehicles. Another problem with magnets is that they can blow off of the vehicle, which is dangerous  in traffic and potentially expensive. Many newer cars aren’t made of pure steel, so these large magnets don’t always stick well. Not only that, you need to regularly dry the backs of your magnets, or the moisture can damage the paint on your car.

Call Sign Clemente for your Fleet graphics needs.

Whether you have a single van, truck, or car, or entire fleet, get in touch with Sign Clemente. We have over eight years of experience with vehicle graphics, so we know how to help you make the most of your advertising dollars by attracting new customers.




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