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In Orange County, Building Signs get your business noticed

Outdoor building signs are the number one way that new customers find businesses. The amazing thing about outdoor building signs is that they do their job and draw in customers even when you are not there; they are on-duty 365 days a year, rain or shine, and they always look good.

building signsbuilding signs

Given that the average outdoor sign lasts ten years, and rarely needs maintenance, it’s clear that  well designed, smartly-placed outdoor buidlign signs will repay their initial investment many times over. Good signage makes good sense. When building signs are modern, unique, and creative, they can’t help but attract new business.

Staples and Building Signs

Ever notice that the big-box stores like Staples and Ikea alway have such bigh building signs?  Consider how national brands and franchises are able to use  building signs to both draw the eye and remind customers of past visits. Branding and design are critical components of great signage, and we work closely with you to create the look and feel that’s perfect for your business. Or if you already have a well-designed and branded look, Sign Clemente can create the best sign for your space.

building signsbuilding signs

What goes into Building Signs?

One of the exciting aspects of outdoor building signs is the great variety in styles, materials, and lighting that we are able to utilize. We love to work with LED lights, which look fabulous and have the potential to be both halo lit and back lit, and thus really stand out sharply. Another great advantage to using LED is that it won’t fail the way that neon-lit signage can. Neon signs will generally begin to flicker or otherwise fail after a few years, but LEDs are typically expected to last at least 100,000 hours (which is more than 10 years). Not only that, on the rare occasion when an individual LED burns out, there are enough lights in any given letter that it’s not generally noticeable. While maintaining bulbs and keeping your lighted signs functioning is always important, you don’t want to have to be dealing with that sort of thing very often.

Whether we are creating signs for Irvine, San Clemente, or anywhere else in Orange County, a primary concern of ours is to design and build signs that last. We’ve all seen old, worn out signs, that have either been damaged by weather (which, in Southern California, would likely take decades), or have been destroyed by birds or other small animals. The latter happen with certain materials, such as foam, that are easy to peck at. We are able to prevent this by treating foam signs with a stucco finish around the edges. This is done by mixing paint and sand, and it gives letters a unique and artistic texture. It also protects against weather and wind far more than paint alone, and birds aren’t terribly interested in it!

We also often recommend using metal which, while more expensive than foam, has the benefit of lasting almost forever. Choosing the right type of metal is important; a sign with streaks of rust that run down the wall is unappealing, and customers tend to think that poorly maintained signs reflect a poorly maintained business. Using aluminum, rather than sheet metal, is one way that we insure good-looking metal  building signs that will stand the test of time. Paint adheres to aluminum especially well, which means that your signs won’t ever rust. And because we use automotive-grade paints, which are designed to deal with wind, rain, and heat, your signs will look beautiful for many years to come.

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If you looked up you could learn a lot about the building’s history. I would add that looking down also yields clues to the past. In Kerrville there are many signs of the past around town, not just old buildings, but real signs.

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