Avoid TMI and TMM in Your Signs

TMM too many messages signs

TMM - Too Many Messages

When you want a sign for your business, you need to avoid two major problems:

TMM – Too Many Messages

We are barraged by thousands of messages daily.  Not only have we become good at absorbing lots of data, we are good at tuning out obnoxious messages.  Often a good, crisp presentation is best.

TMI – Too Much Information

You don’t need to inform your clientele of everything you can do. You just want to capture their interest to the point that they come in.  Maximum should be three to five words.  Leave 30 – 40% of your sign area blank.

Remember, distill your message to where you make your point with as few words as possible.  If you can’t fit your message on a bumper sticker, you have too many words.

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