Blue Water Escrow Opens With New Orange County Building Signs

Orange County Building Signs: Blue Water Escrow of Newport Beach

Blue Water Escrow has just had Sign Clemente create and install the latest of our Orange County building signs.  This sign looks elegant and definitely catches the eye.  Take a look at the pic of our latest installation of Orange County building signs.

Stainless steel building sign greets visitors to Blue Water Escrow

Stainless steel building sign greets visitors to Blue Water Escrow

When Surterre Properties wanted to open its new escrow company, they turned to Sign Clemente.  The first thing we did was study the sign plan for their office park.  Orange County building signs are often governed by sign plans which restrict the type of sign a tenant may install.  We worked with the property owner, Irvine Company, to ensure that their Orange County building signs were in compliance.

More Than One Way to Make Orange County Building Signs

Most Orange County building signs are made one of two ways.  The non-illuminated variety are usually make of acrylic as a facing, and foam to provide depth.  As you look around at Orange County building signs, you will see this is usually the case.  This is a very economical way to make logos and letters. The illuminated variety are aluminum bodies with either acrylic faces for front lighting or aluminum faces for back lighting.  These are the most common types of Orange County building signs.

Blue Water Escrow’s sign is a notable exception.  These are stainless steel formed letters.  You will see the finer Orange County building signs made this way.  They are dimensional in that they are 2″ deep.  They are not solid stainless steel, but formed out of thick sheets of metal.  The stainless steel is brushed for a matte finish.  These letters make beautiful Orange County building signs.   Because they are stainless steel, and because of their rugged construction, they promise to be long-lasting and maintenance free.

How We Install These Orange County Building Signs

This type of building sign has studs that come out the back.  This makes it possible to stand the Orange County building signs off the wall 1/4″.  Standing letters off the wall provide for even more depth and dimension.  This requires us to drill into the concrete wall, which is common, to insert the studs with adhesive.  It makes for secure letters and outdoor signs.

More Orange County Building Signs

Another example of great looking outdoor signs is that of a company in San Clemente called Kelpac.

Another example of formed letters

Another example of formed letters

Kelpac was acquired by PPG industries.  They engaged in a re-branding effort and that involved their Orange County building signs.  What you see in the pic are formed letters like Blue Water Escrow except these are made of aluminum.  The logo is digitally printed and applied to the face.  These Orange County building signs really stand out!  They too were installed with studs drilled into the concrete wall. Kelpac can expect their signs to last and look great for years to come.

 Don’t Scrimp on Orange County Building Signs

Studies by the Small Business Administration and others consistently show that outdoor signs are the best marketing investment you can make.  People often try to save money on their Orange County business signs.  We at Sign Clemente help you avoid unnecessary costs, but cheap signs that fade and disintegrate send a bad message to your public.  We call these “signs you can’t afford” because they are almost better than no signs at all.

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And that’s it for Orange County Building Signs!

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