First-time Customers Find You with Your Outdoor Signs

outdoor signsYour outdoor signs should be your first consideration in your marketing and promotion plan.

Why?  Consider these facts:  Since 1997, a group of 488 Southern California businesses collectively polled their 7,200 first-time customers asking how they found out about them.

Here are the results:

  • Your  Outdoor Signs –  46%
  • Word of Mouth  –  38%
  • Newspaper Ads  – 7%
  • Yellow Pages – 6%
  • Radio Commercial – 2%
  • Television Commercial – 1%

Clearly two conclusions about outdoor signs jump out:

  1. Their outdoor signs were effectively speaking to potential customers.
  2. Signs are the most effective form of advertising for the small and independent businessperson who has a public store or office.

When buying outdoor signs, don’t be too concerned about how much you can save on outdoor signs. Be more concerned about how you can bring in more paying customers. If you do that, the signage will pay for itself many times over.

What’s more, outdoor signs work for you 24/7, never need a break, never get sick and rarely need maintenance.  If you amortize the cost of a sign over its ten year useful life, you find that outdoors signs are a bargain indeed!

*Signtronix Survey, 2003

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