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The Bumper Guy Gets New Irvine Signs

Congrats go to the The Bumper Guy for new Irvine Signs.  The Bumper Guy, part of OC Bumper & Body, choose Sign Clementefor Irvine Signs.  The customer choose to go with an illuminated set of letters.  The construction is no-rust aluminum, the faces are acrylic.  The black and white faces that you see in the Irvine Signs photo consist of white acrylic with a black vinyl inset.

LED’s and Irvine Signs

LED’s have become so much more practical and economical than even two years ago.  We almost always use LED’s now for Irvine Signs.  Neon, the choice of
customers in the past, requires 12,000 volts, special wiring that has to be shielded, and lots of power consumption.  Neon also requires servicing about every five years.  When ever you sign illuminated Irvine Signs the have letters that are not lighting, you can bet it is neon.  LED, on the other hand, is rated for about 100,000 hours of use.  Even still when LED powered Irvine Signs have an LED failure, it is usually only one of the lights, which means the other lights will still be working.  So when LED powered Irvine Signs have one light go out, you can’t tell because the other lights are still shining.

Irvine SignsThe Bumper Guy and Irvine Signs

Shine on, Irvine Signs

OC Bumper and Body now has two Irvine Signs– their original sign and now, their The Bumper Guy Sign.  The first one was produced by another sign company, and the new one was produced by Sign Clemente.  The Sign Clemente sign literally outshines the old one!  The white outline looks like edge neon– it shines that bright.  Now you can see their sign off Irvine Center Drive, to the left of the Big O Tire sign and just to the right of the VOLVO | SAAB sign.

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Irvine Signs | Irvine Signage

Publish Date: 01/02/2012 12:44

An interesting article about Occupy Irvine…

Occupy has cost Irvine more than $8600 | city, protesters,  irvine signs.

Occupy has cost Irvine more than $8600 | city, protesters, irvine signs

Publish Date: 12/08/2011 16:18

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