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The latest addition to Irvine Signs

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New Irvine signs at Spectrum International’s new corporate headquarters

The newest Irvine signs are found at Spectrum International.  They selected Sign Clemente for their

Irvine signs.  Spectrum International is in the business of high-end auctions.  They have a wine division and a coin division, just to name two. Their building and Irvine signs can be seen right off the north-bound Newport Freeway just before the Dyer exit.

What are those Irvine Signs?

 Spectrum has three new Irvine signs.  The photo shows non-illluminated acrylic on foam that rises above their entrance.  A proud and exquisite look!  The other two Irvine signs face the freeway.  Both are lighted  Irvine signs using power saving white LED’s.  One is for Spectrum Wine Auctions, the other is for Spectrum International.

Shining Irvine Signs

Lots of studies show that Irvine signs can be the best marketing investment a company can make.  Think of the thousands of pairs of eyes that will see those shining Irvine signs as they travel up the freeway.   These  signs will be invaluable for years to come for establishing market presence.  Survey after survey shows that business report getting more new customers from their signs than radio, print advertising, television or direct mail.  Further, the cost per contact, which is defined as each time someone sees your message, is absolutely the least expensive of all.

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Publish Date: 01/02/2012 12:44

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