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irvine signsNew Lobby Irvine Signs

The law firm of Dack | Marasigan choose Sign Clemente for its new Irvine Signs.   For their lobby sign, the newest addition to Irvine Signs, they choose a design similar to the Milan Institute sign you see in our lobby gallery.

Millan Institute loves their reception signs as they reorder one each time they open a new location.

Construction of the New Irvine Signs

The new Irvine Signs– the new lobby sign- is of clear acrylic.  When clear acrylic is routed from flat sheets to make Irvine signs, the router bit leaves the edges with a frosty look.  It is a striking and unusual look as you can see in the photo.  The large elements of this one of Irvine signs is 1″ thick.  The smaller letters are 1/2″ thick.  The faces of all the letters are brushed aluminum.  The bar is face painted black enamel.  An attractive lobby addition to our Irvine signs!

Lobby Signs and Irvine Signs

Business is vibrant and growning in Irvine.  What a better way to cement your corporate image in the minds of your clients and potential clients with a lobby sign.  They are among the most effective of Irvine signs, as they show your customer that you are here to stay, a professional, and are proud of your firm.  Lobby signs build credibility, and in so doing, make your selling job that much easier.

Thank you for reading about Irvine signs!


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