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Honeywell International bought out Sperian Safety Products which required the latter to need new signs: specifically lobbys signs.  So who did Honeywell turn to when they needed new signs?  Why Sign Clemente of course.  Honeywell’s lobby signs are fairly simple, although they are fairly specific as to their color matching.  For Honeywell’s lobby signs, we went with 1/2″ thick PVC sheeting enameled white.  Then we used acrylic for the letters for their lobby signs.

Add Dimension to Your Lobby Signs

Adding thickness to lobby signs elements adds dimension and makes the the sign more interesting.  A back panel like the one you see in the photo adds the right background color instead of relying on whatever the color of the wall happens to be.  In this case, a clean white background provides the most pop for their lobby signs.  The letters are 3/4″ thick for these lobby signs making the name “Honeywell” prominent.  Because the letters “Safey Products” are smaller, we went with 1/4″ thick letters.  One thing about dimension and lobby signs:  if letters are too thick, they become difficult to read from an angle.

The Right Materials for the Right Lobby Signs

The right materials can mean the difference between great lobby signs and mediocre lobby signs.  We like acrylic because of its durability, its clean edge when cut from a router, and the way enamel paints look.  For lobby signs, we call acrylic the “king of the plastics”.   For the back panel, PVC works well for lobby signs.  Because PVC sheeting is injected with air, it weighs less than other materials, so the entire sign is lighter and the danger of the sign weighing too heavily on the wall is not a factor.   Receptionists often worry about the lobby signs right behind them coming down during an earthquake!

Read a little history about Honeywell….  Interesting how much their products touch our lives.

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Office Lobby Signs

Now take a look at some great looking lobby signs.  See one that you would like in your office or lobby?  Give Sign Clemente a call!

Thanks for reading about our lobby signs!


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