Making of Orange County Signs

Monument Sign is One of Our Latest Orange County Signs

orange county signs Going on our ninth year, Sign Clemente has finished one of the newest of Orange County signs: a new monument for the Lake Forest Business Center.  We love creating a new design, especially when it is tailored to the archetectural setting.  In this case it was the Lake Forest Business Center.   The owners’ association selected Sign Clemente for its design work and quality workmanship.  You can see  and read about our monuments here and here.

We designed in a monument that had lots of function- a quality of our Orange County Signs.   They wanted it to be very visible, so a newcomer would recognize it immediately.   It had to include the name of the center, the word “Directory” so the the onlooker would recognize its function, and a map that was readible and would help people find their destination.

Manufacturing Orange County Signs

There are a few things we at Sign Clemente never want to hear- that a sign did not last for the years it was intended to last, and that one of our seasonal wind storm took out one of our Orange County Signs.   So we build a monument like this one extra-tough because of its size.  As you can see in the pic, it is made of heavy-gauge aluminum.  This one of Orange County Signs also has an interior frame, which reinforces the structure.   The letters are enameled acrylic and solid.  The enamel is the same type used on autos, so you know it will last.  The directory is a digital print.   The customer only had a blurry jpeg image, but we were able to convert it to a usable format using design software.  The face is laminated and mounted to 3/4″ painted PVC and mounted to the surface of the monument.

Installing Orange County Signs

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Sign Clemente believes that proper installation of Orange County Signs is as important as using the right materials and coatings.   In this case, we poured a concrete base, or pad, for the monument structure to mount.   Then we bolted the structure down with six 1/2″ bolts from the inside.  The bolts lag into the concrete for a firm hold.  The monument sign can be opened from the back in case the structure needs to be serviced for some reason.

We are proud of our Orange County signs.   Over the course of our business, we have created and installed litterally thousands of signs and we can do the same for you.   We have gone back and looked at many of our signs that have been up and in the sun since our early days, and they are still looking great.

Here is an interesting video from one of our manufactures of foam-based signs.  Another option for your Orange County Sign needs:

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