Ensuring Your Signs Conform to Municipal Codes

When you order a sign, you must know about your local municipal code.  It is always wise to find out what is required before going for a sign permit or having your new sign manufactured. A good sign company will ask you about this before producing your sign.

There are at least two sets of criteria to be aware of.

Special Rules for Special Areas

Often business parks, historical areas and other developments will have their own sign criteria that are stricter than the city’s.  Be sure to check with your property manager or the city itself to find out if there is a sign criteria or “architectural overlay” before relying strictly on the city’s requirements.  Part of the approval exercise may include signoff by your landlord or property manager.

City Rules

The second item is the city itself.  You can avoid a lot of time and frustration by calling their planning department in advance and find out what is required.  You have the option of appealing the local sign code, called a “variance,” but be prepared for long waits and lots of work and frustration.

If there is one best area to plan ahead, this is it.  Cities are getting stricter about what sort of signs they will allow outside.  It is best to find out what they will accept early in the process of creating your signage.

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