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New Lobby Sign in Irvine

One of the newest Irvine signs is a lobby sign for BioStuctures.   This is one of our premium Irvine signs as it is made of 3/8″ thick brass.  It was heavy!  The lobby sign was cut out using water jet.  The this lastest of Irvine signs was ozidized in an acid bath and hand rubbed for the antique finish.
This latest of Irvine signs is mounted on studs to hold it off the mounting surface about 1/2″.

The Value of Irvine Signs In Your Lobby

Your brochure, your business card, your website; these are all graphical ways of creating ever-important impressions on your customers. Lobby  Irvine signs are no different. When your customer, vendor or investor walks through your door, what instantaneous message does he or she receive?

Well designed and crafted lobby Irvine signs say that you are serious about what you do, that you are in business to stay. Our Sign Clemente customers continue to tell us that they discover that they become credible with their lobby sign and selling becomes easier.

Delicate Installation and Irvine Signs

The wood on the face of the reception desk was so nice for the installation of this of the newest Irvine Signs, we had to be very careful.  We used a drill pattern to place the spots for the drilling.  We made our penetrations into the wood, and did not have to drill extra holes.  No mistakes!  The back of this brass sign has studs screwed into this latest of Irvine signs so all we had to do is push the whole structure into the holes.  It has spacers on the studs to hold it off 1/2″ from the wood surface.  The floating elements of the logo,  “b” and “o” have their own studs as well.

Look at some great lobby signs on You Tube!  We can produce any of these signs for you.  Not just Irvine signs, but all over Orange County and beyond.

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