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Newport Beach Signs

This lobby sign greets patients visiting the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

New Newport Beach Signs

The Gallery of Costmetic Surgery gets new Newport Beach Signs.  Shown here, their lobby sign looks particularly attactive.  This one of Newport Beach signs is made of acrylic sheeting and cut on a computer-driven router.  The ‘G’ of this one of Newport Beach signs are 3/4″ thick and the smaller elements are 1/4″ thick.  The text is 1/2″ thick.  The ‘G’ also has beveled edges.  This all gives this one of Newport Beach signs more depth and dimension.  The acrylic gets its color from a high grade industrial enamel.

This sign did offer a challenge among Newport Beach signs, and that is that is was to be mounted to a concave wall.  Usually Sign Clemente lobby signs go on completely flat walls.  Fortunately, acrylic has enough bend to it that it was a problem– aluminum would have been.

Newport Beach Signs Create Image

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery was most concerned about image.  Being in Newport Beach, and considering the upscale nature of the practice, the customer was concerned about creating an elegant image with its Newport Beach signs.  Therefore, we were extra careful with helping them select the best shades of color and materials.

Newport Beach Signs for the Building

Next up, the Gallery will get new letters on their building which can only attract new patients.  It will be dark bronze “foam and plex” with a stucco finish on the edges to deter birds and make this one of Newport Beach signs last a good long time.  Stay tuned for this one– we just need to get the biggest boom lift we can find and get those letters up there!

And that is it for Newport Beach Signs!
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