Orange County Signs: Spotlight on Watermark Church

Monument: Orange County Signs

The Watermark Church in Costa Mesa just added theirs to the list of Sign Clemente’s Orange County signs.   This latest of Orange County signs was an existing and aging monument sign that badly needed refurbishing.   Being a leader in Orange County signs, the newly established Watermark Church contacted us.

orange county signs


 Doing the Job on Orange County Signs

The works on this of Orange County signs was to remove all the old letters, clean and sand and then paint some brighter and more attractive colors.  Then this of Orange County signs got new letters.




orange county signsAfter!

Orange County Signs and Acrylic Letters

Sign Clemente then applied flat-cut acylic that was enameled to customer colors.  What you see is an attractive new addition to Orange County signs.    The customer loves their new monument sign and of course, we had it ready for their first service.

Not all of our Orange County signs are brand new.  Many times we make old signs new again, as we did here.

We have written quite a bit on foam signs vs. aluminum cabinets.  This one of Orange County signs happened to be an aluminum cabinet.  Aluminum provides a nice smooth finish as opposed to stucco, altough a stucco finish is much easier to paint.

Whether you want to refurbish what you already have or start anew, call Sign Clemente for all your Orange County Signs!


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