Orange County Signs, Your Constant Sales Person

Who Does Your Selling When You Are Not There?


Orange County Signs Do Your Selling

orange county signsZ Tejas Sign Marks the Spot

Unlike employees, Orange County Signs never have to go home, never get sick, go on strike, take breaks or have bad days.  Orange County Signs sell for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They sell for you whether you are there or not.

No wonder, study after study show Orange County Signs as your best marketing investment.  One such investment was made by the popular restaurant at the South Coast Plaza, Z Tejas.  Their food is great, but they had a visibility problem in spite of their  existing Orange County Signs.

South Coast Plaza- Orange County Signs

They called Sign Clemente for help.  We created and installed two signs in Orange County– one on a pilaster facing the parking lot, and the other in the mall itself.  Even though they had two signs in Costa Mesa to start, one was up very high, and hard to see when close to the building; the other was by one of the doors, but small.

The first of Orange County Signs was the pilaster sign.  It is made of aluminum for durability, and stud mounted directly into the stone.  One can’t but see that one is approaching the restaurant as they walk from parking lot to mall.  It has been there several months so far, and is holding up perfectly.

The second of Orange County Signs is a hanging sign inside the mall.  The restaurant has another entrance from the inside of the mall, but customers could walk right past it unaware that Z Tejas was so close.

We constructed a sign using PVC and acrylic.  On the PVC we applied a patina that is exclusive to Sign Clemente to emphasize their southwestern ambiance.  All other elements of the sign were enameled.

Orange County Signs are Built to Last

This is a unique sign among Orange County signs, and we wanted to make sure that it was properly fixed in place.  The hanging bars are stainless steel, threaded on the sign end, while the PVC it attaches to is also threaded.  Epoxy was added to ensure strength.  The bases are also stainless, and clamps on to the shafts.  Those bases screw into studs in the ceiling making one of the mall’s most stable of Orange County Signs!

Orange County Signs – Importance of Signage

This is well worth watching.

So why are Orange County Signs so important? Check out this video on what the Small Business Administration  has to say.

Orange County Signs-Speech of the Street

Learn how Sign Clemente can increase the value of your business location and increase your gross revenue.

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Lots of foot traffic now sees that hanging sign—proudly one of Sign Clemente’s Orange County Signs!

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