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Lighted Irvine Sign Shines Above the Rest

AbregovParrino, a CPA and investment management firm in Irvine has a spectacular set of Irvine signs.   We originally created and installed two lobby Irvine irvine signssigns for them that now greet clients as they enter the firm’s lobby.  Months later, they continued to enhance their marketing efforts by adding a new lighted building sign for their Irvine signs.  Again, the firm turned to Sign Clemente.

A “Reverse” Letter? The Making of Irvine Signs

To be a stand-out amoung Irvine signs, this illuminated sign needed to be extraordinary.  We acheived this by constructing reverse channel letters.  These are letters that are literally made to be turned around.  The letters shine through the back, rather than the front thereby creating the halo effect you see in the photo.  The lighting comes from white LEDs.  LED technology is prooving advantageous to neon, because for Irvine signs, it saves significantly on power and long life.

Irvine Signs Shine Over Irvine

Their Irvine signage shines over Irvine Center Drive right off the 405 Freeway and can be seen both day and night.  The sign is a proud addition to Irvine signs as drivers pass it all day long.  It sells for AbregovParrino 24 hours a day.

In other news…

OK, this is pretty snarky, and maybe offensive to some- but interesting to read about restrictions on Irvine signs.

Dumbass News: Irvine Signs and Signs of the Times

In other words, screw the local laws about this kind of thing, I am about to tell you the way things ought to be concerning signs in any city in the USA, say like Irvine signs in Cal-ee-forn-ya for example. Why Irvine? I chose Irvine over

Publish Date: 01/17/2012 21:01

Remember, Sign Clemente can help you with all your signage needs, which includes getting your sign permits through your respective city.  Some like Irvine, are tougher than others.  But we have successfully pulled lots and lots of permits over the years. 

Thanks for reading about Irvine signs and please see our other blogs.



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