Signs Orange County: FitzPatrick [+] Prince

New Signs Orange County Edition

The firm of Fitzpatrick [+] Prince  needed a new sign for its new Irvine headquarters: so Sign Clemente answered their need for signs orange county.  The company is in the business of marketing high-end homes through image advertising, primarily using video and voice over.  The business park in which they reside has very strict guidelines for the signage, so we had to work a great deal of back and forth with the property’s design person.   The customer had very precise needs of their own for this of signs Orange County.

signs orange countySigns Orange County: The Description

These letters are pegged off the wall about 1″ and are 5″ deep, so when you are looking at signs Orange County you see dimension.   The letters have white faces that contract nicely with the building and offer a clean, contemporary look with their silver edges (called returns).  LEDs offer huge advantages over neon, which used to be the illumination of choice.  But now most signs orange county use LEDs because they last much longer and comsume about 10% of the power that neon did.

The bodies of the letters are all aluminum, the preference for signs orange county, because they never rust.   Old letters will often have rust streaks running down the wall, but you will never see that from our Sign Clemente letters.

The picture to the right shows the newly installed building sign and the neck of the 45′ boom lift we used.

Signs Orange County: The Result

What the customer now has is a sign that represents their corporate look and feel.    Plus their signage guides you to your destination which means that they are now easy to find in their business park.  Their signage, which includes a lobby sign that we did for them, shows a sense of permanence.  Hence, a great looking sign addition to signs Orange County!


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