Vehicle Graphics Is Mobile Advertising

Check out one of Sign Clemente’s latest vehicle graphics installation!

Vehicle Graphics and Mobile Advertising

If you have a company van, box truck or any other vehicle, and you are not engaging in vehicle graphics, you are missing a golden advertising opportunity.  Vehicle graphics is virtually free adversting.  Think of the hundreds of pairs of eyes that your service and delivery vehicles pass ever day.   The more traffic, the more eyes see your message.

We at Sign Clemente have even prooven it to ourselves by having our own vehicle graphics generate phone calls that have turned into vehicle graphics, mobile advertising, business.

Three Main Ways to Advertise with Vehicle Graphics

One way to vehicle graphics is door magnets.   They can often look great, but there are a couple problems with this sort of vehicle graphics.  One is that they look temporary.   Often they look like the person with this sort of vehicle graphics is not proud of their business, and only wants their graphic showing part time.   The other is that they can blow off on the freeway.   Many car’s doors are no longer pure steel in that they are often alloys that contain non-ferous metals.  Magnets won’t stick well on many Volvos and Saturns for example.  Also, unless you dry the backs of the door magnets frequently, the moisture can close the clear coat on your paint finish.  Not Good!

Another way is vehicle wrap.  This is an attractive and compelling way to mobile advertising and vehicle graphics.  The wraps cover the entire vehicle and can really extend your message to all those eyes out there.  This is, however, and expensive way to go.  You will get a great return on your vehicle graphics, but plan on spending some cash up front.   You will need a graphic artist to design all the panels that will go on while paying particular attention to body hardware.  You don’t want a key phone number interrupted by a door handle!  Plan on about $3500 for the wrap itself, plus whatever time involved in the design process.   Sign Clemente can help you with this.

The most common way is cut graphics.  That is what you see in the video.  This is the most cost-effective way to go with vehicle graphics and mobile advertising.  We can include both digital prints and spot color. Plus, it takes a lot less time to install.  The vinyls we use are usually rated for at least five years for digital and seven for cut factory-colored vinyl.

Vehicle Graphics

Call Sign Clemente for your vehicle graphics needs

If you have a fleet, or just one van or panel truck, give us a call.   We have been installing vehicle graphics now for over eight years and can make recommendations that can help get more customers calling you!

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