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When you think of neon signs, you might conjure up an image the wild lights and bright colors of a place like Time Square, or the giant marquees of old-fashioned movie theaters. Neon signage is an artform, and many people even collect gorgeous vintage neon signs. Of course, the world of neon signage has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Due to the extreme cost-effectiveness of LED lights, LEDs now dominate a world that was once populated almost exclusively by neon.

But there’s a time and a place for neon, and your Orange County business might benefit from a standard or custom neon Open Sign.  Any business that has a storefront and wants to attract customers can benefit from brightly colored, attention-grabbing Open signs. Neon signs can utilize vivid colors and festive, eye-grabbing fonts. Restaurants, cafes, salons, barber shops, florists — anyone who wants to either attract foot traffic, or let your pre-existing customers know where you are — can all benefit from a stylish, bright, Open Sign. Best of all, neon Open Signs are easy to install, easy to clean, and don’t generally require maintenance. It is possible to make special outdoor neon signs, which have clear plastic covers over the neon, allowing for exposure to the elements. Regular neon signs are basically exposed bulbs, and need to be kept indoors, away from water. At Sign Clemente, we can work with you to design a unique Open sign that will be an attractive, easy method of advertising for your business. Neon can be a great deal of fun, and we’re always happy to work with customers who are interested in neon.

While we love the look of vintage neon, there’s much to  be said for LED signs, not the least of which is that they use an estimated 6 to 10 times less power. LED signs are great for any lit outdoor signs, and you can check out some examples here. There are significant differences between neon (which literally means “new gas”) and LED (which stands for Light Emitting Diodes), and these should be taken into account when you’re choosing between the two. LEDs are actually thinner lights, and take up less space, which potentially allows for more intricacy to the lettering of your sign. LED signs utilize channel letters, and we have the ability to create signs using either a halo channel letter (also called reverse channel letters), or standard channel letters. For standard channel letters, we design acrylic faces with aluminum letters, and the light shows through the letter faces. When we build a signs with reverse channel letters, the light emits from the back of the letters, creating a glowing effect. For these signs, the letters stand a couple of inches out from the wall, and the light then reflects off the wall and creates the halo look that is common to many illuminated signs. These types of lights will rarely come in colors, and are almost always white.

Though a neon Open Sign is great for the window of your shop or place of business, LED lights with your company name have the advantage of being 365-days-a-year of very low cost advertising. An attractive, well-designed sign will get your brand seen by people whether on not you’re there.

Contact Sign Clemente to discuss your Neon and LED signage needs. It would be our pleasure to help you create the perfect sign.

Like to read more about neon?  It is a fascinating technology.  Check out the Wikipedia article about neon.

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